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Eric Rollo

Honored as one of Realtor Magazine's "30 Under 30" nationwide in 2015, Eric has been a licensed real estate professional for over ten years and a Real...

Honored as one of Realtor Magazine's "30 Under 30" nationwide in 2015, Eric has been a licensed real estate professional for over ten years and a Real...

Jun 19 6 minutes read

In May 2015, the Collins household (party of one) was relocating to Boston for a new work adventure in my old area of expertise… pharmaceuticals. I knew I needed a residence within reasonable commuting distance to the office, as seemingly senseless traffic makes me a *tad* road-ragey. My new company offered a relocation package which included partnering with a local agent to not only introduce me to the area but to help find my for now or forever home. I was working under a tight timeline with only 30 days of company housing and I knew I needed to take advantage of the package for home ownership so I eagerly reached out to the assigned agent. And waited. And waited. When I finally connected with her, she seemingly had no time or did not appreciate my urgency… or the commission she was definitely going to receive ☺️. I didn’t want to be impulsive but knowing how important it was to have housing, I quickly reached out and requested a replacement… and I’ve literally never been more thankful for my impatience more. 

Our “Must-Haves”

Eric drove me tirelessly around Somerville and Cambridge… pushing me to explore my perceived boundaries of other towns like Brookline and Jamaica Plain, all the while peppering our search with recommendations of restaurants, hidden spots, and fun Boston things to try. He helped me through submission of several offers (2 rejected ☹️) which ultimately landed me the PERFECT home. A gorgeous 3 BR condo in the heart of Jamaica Plain (his neighborhood too) with 3 off-street parking spots (one a garage spot!), dog-friendly association rules within a stone’s throw to beautiful Jamaica Pond and Olmstead Park… and a perfectly sized dining room for that table.

Cold Feet

After 3 years in the ‘right place’ Eric helped me find… I reached out to him again with another request. Could he help find me a house with a nice yard? I had adopted the dog I planned on and I really wanted him to have a yard to play and sun in and selfishly, I wanted another option than walks in subzero temperatures late at night during the winter. We began that search with me panicking a small bit along the way when we realized my condo was going to sell quickly. His team did an excellent job marketing the condo and when I saw the pics and videos, I thought: 

“Wait! I love my condo! I love JP! My dog roams Olmstead Park woods nearly daily and swims in the pond—that’s a pretty great backyard so why would I leave this spot?” 

He talked me off that ledge too.

My Fears

Afraid of? Other than a terrible commute? Or spending nearly ¾ of a million dollars on a condo? After a rejection or two, I was afraid I’d never find a place! But naturally, Eric assured me we would find the right spot… and held my hand through the process. He made sure I made smart, competitive bids that had a personal edge and it worked out. I remember how incredulous I was when he suggested writing letters to the sellers… but he was right. It made the difference… and to some degree, it made me really think about why I wanted the place I was willing to bid so much money on, other than the fear of being homeless. I feared daily Eric would hand me off to someone else because now we weren’t just contending with a large dining table—the must-haves were bigger. The rejections were actually a bit harder this time around because I was seeing more and longer-term possibilities with each one but in the end, I knew he’d make sure I would find the right place for the right price.  And while he was doing that, I knew he would keep giving me good advice, looking out for me first and in the end would be there to help connect me to the right folks for inspections, repairs or even bigger renovation plans.

So the search was tough, but Eric was right there with great advice each and every time.

My Advice to You

My advice would be to work with Eric Rollo, period. Realizing that just isn’t possible, then I’d say at minimum, find a realtor like Eric. One who loves real estate and knows the market and really loves living in this town. Find someone like Eric who is truly nonstop at his job… I have learned this market doesn’t wait for anyone and if you are waiting on your agent to respond to you, that makes the difference on losing out on offers coming to or from you... Eric has worked me with via phone and text til after midnight to handle offers on my condo, late on Sundays and/or when he is with family to make sure my offers made it in on time or could be amended and turned around in minutes. Find someone like Eric with a great network (banks, inspectors, attorneys, etc) because it makes the whole process less scary and seamless.

Find someone like Eric who ‘knows’ this business and knows this market and who will be your advocate. Without this, I would not have been able to make the decisions I made with such ease and confidence.  

So if you can’t work with Eric, find someone like him.  

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