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The problem with Zillow

This is too often the case with Zillow rental listings (sometimes with Craig's List as well).  Zillow's platform is intended to promote real estate professionals using "impression based advertising" and yet I've found the reverse to be true; it makes us, real estate PROFESSSIONALS, look very unprofessional and utterly clueless while misleading you toward a maze of confusion.  

Agents without a particular listing are then motivated to "convert" these inquiries and leads so that they rent a different apartment.  The problem is that without the proper pre-qualification, education, expectation setting, and preparation about the realities of renting an apartment in Boston, prospective tenant clients are left scratching their heads amidst the tangled web of Boston's rental market.   

Are you fed up with Zillow and the agent run-around, sketchiness, misinformation, and slow response time?  Contact a team member of the Eric Rollo Real Estate Team, and we'll treat you like a human and find you a place to live.

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Fed up with Zillow and Craig's List?

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